Corporal Charles P. Kemeny – Park #59

July 2017 – The ceremonial shovels have turned over the first patch of dirt on the new Kemeny Rec Center.   Look for new photos later in the fall. 


As a teen, Charles (Karoly) Kemeny enjoyed playing baseball on Detroit’s sandlots.  His relatives tell us his baseball skills were so exceptional the St. Louis Cardinals took interest in signing him to a contract.  Alas, he was too young to sign and his grandmother’s disapproval put this dream on the rear burner.  Charles worked odd jobs after graduating from Holy Reedmer High School intending to enroll at the Carnegie Institute of Technology for Engineering.  He heard the call to serve in WWII and in 1942 he enlisted with his parent’s consent. 

Charles Kemeny in uniform
Charles relaxing in uniform before shipping off to war. Photo: Courtesy of R.S. Bujaki and the Kemeny family.

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2nd Lt. Daniel Buckley Riordan – Park #47


Born in Pittsburgh, Kansas on August 25, 1920, Daniel was the only son Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Riordan who once resided on Mansfield in Detroit.  He graduated from Holy Redeemer High School and went on to attend the University of Detroit.   Daniel worked at Cadillac Motors and sold real estate prior to WWII.  The mid-1940’s were busy years –  he was inducted into the US Army in August 1942 and passed Officer’s Training School in Fort Benning, GA in 1943. He proceeded onto the Rainbow Division at Camp Gruber, Oklahoma; here he would marry his sweetheart Mary Ellen Hanlon in an autumn ceremony on base.

Map courtesy of Google.
Map courtesy of Google. Hope Park is located to the right at the tan rectangle.. it never appears in a google search. Two lovely parks within a few blocks.

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