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Detroit is still on the verge – and the frankly the verge is a great place to be.  Ideas are born and synergy is created.

We’re back after a long, long hiatus.

It’s pretty dusty in here, so we’re cleaning up the site and taking all the returnables back.  Thanks for being patient with the process.

Detroiters will always be individually and collectively full of passion about the potential of our city.  It’s best to nod to the past and keep looking forward to the future. .

We start this blog by telling the brief stories of the Detroit women and men who contributed to our urban landscape.  They are veterans, priests, Olympians, business people, governors, and the average joe.  Their similarities in success may differ greatly; yet they all showed up, contributed, and are honored with a park or playground as a namesake.

So, who were they?   Dig in..

Caveat:  This blog isn’t meant to be a literary or history masterpiece, but a casual conversation about both the well-known and somewhat forgotten stories about Detroit.  If there is another source or blog that tells the story fabulously, we’ll summarize and link out to them because sharing is good.

Thanks for showing. Glad you made it.

Read on and become a little more CityLiterate.