John C. Nagel – Park 72

Hey – We’re gonna talk about the Nagels and the Nagles.. John and Fred.  Similar pronunciation, same civic mindedness, totally different guys.  Here’s the first installment. Thanks for reading. ag


A young John Nagel. The Detroiter Vol. 191X
A serious John C. Nagel sporting the mustache of the day. Photo: The Detroiter Vol. 7, 1916

In his obituary, John Conrad Nagel [1866 – 1935] was described as one of the most colorful members of Detroit politics. Born in September 1866 in Cleveland, Ohio.  Travels in his younger days were along the Mississippi River for six years laboring as a cabin boy on tugs and ships. Nagel weathered storms and waited hand and foot on ship’s captains. He landed in Pensacola, Florida, became a blacksmith and migrated north to Detroit in 1892. Continue reading “John C. Nagel – Park 72”