About Detroit Parks:

Detroit is still on the verge – and the frankly the verge is a great place to be.. a time when ideas are born and synergy is created.

With 129+ square miles and 300 parks, Detroit’s history is deep.

We start this blog by telling the brief stories of the Detroit women and men who contributed to our urban landscape.  They are veterans, priests, Olympians, business people, governors, and the average joe.  Their similarities in success may differ greatly; yet they all showed up, contributed, and are honored with a park or playground as a namesake.

So, who were they?   Dig in…

About Me:

I was born in Detroit and spent a lot of time playing on the west side under the Dutch elm trees off West Chicago near Cody HS or going to Orthodox church with my father on John R.   I work as an archivist in Metro Detroit.

Stuff I do: Researching, dowsing, digging, writing and driving. I pledge my allegiance to my paper maps.

I accidentally stumbled onto the idea of this park blog project while doing research on World War II veterans.  I noticed that a few guys had parks dedicated to their memory and then I wondered about the other parks in Detroit. Who were these people?

This project has kind of become the love of my life – a pleasure. The posts are numbered as there are about 200 forgotten ‘park’ stories here in Detroit.. I did the math.. and I love doing the sleuthing to find the stories. Detroit has really turned the corner.  Mayor Duggan has mastered the art of systematically cleaning up the city.  Parks are getting renovated and others are starting to disappear [look for the gone tag] – even more reason to write and remember those folks who made Detroit an interesting place to be.

Note:  Sorry comments are turned off.  Spam makes me crabby.  I always appreciate corrections, requests, questions, comments and complaints.  I meet the best people as I research these stories!  Post or Message me on fb [the most effective way to reach me] or just send smoke signals. 

Read on and become a little more Cityliterate.

Caveat:  I purposely keep these stories short.   Yes, there is always more to the story.   I intimately understand how information is disposable; time is $$ and folks have 35+ other things to do.   This blog isn’t meant to be a literary masterpiece, but a casual conversation about both the well-known and somewhat forgotten stories about Detroit.  And yes, eventually I will turn it into a reference book.  If there is another source or blog that tells the story fabulously, we’ll summarize and link out to them because sharing is good.


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